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“Amanda has worked wonders for my family. My son has had a number of session focussing on emotional regulation and positive thinking. I can’t thank her enough for the changes that are taking place. I have a child who is calmer, more aware of himself and a happier house too. Always positive and proactive- Amanda created an atmosphere that is supportive and safe for the sessions to take place in. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs support – child or adult.” Mrs D Arthur’s Mum
My son described the sessions as ” A five star rating – really good – Amanda is kind, friendly, amazing!!!” Arthur

Loved working with Arthur, will miss our sessions together…

Amanda Jayne Clarke has really helped my zac with cognitive behavioural therapy. Zac confidence was so low after being bullied for several years. Only after three sessions with Amanda he is a different child. He’s happy, positive in the mornings, he’s an absolute pleasure to be around now. Thanks so much Amanda for giving us back our zacy.  Mrs B, Mum of Zac x

Loved working with you Zac, so pleased you are enjoying life!

Amanda is incredible – we did a hypnotherapy session through skype to help with my anxiety and stress. I simply had to put my headphones in and listen to her. She managed to make me feel comfortable and calm. She was so kind, knowledgeable and patient. The hypnotherapy really does work, she helped me look at a couple of issues and turn them into positives. I can honestly say after just one session, my anxiety has really eased. Thank you so much! Mrs R, Florida.

Hypnotherapy from UK – USA!

thank you

Makes it worth while….

“My 10 year old daughter was prone to ‘meltdowns’ and was anxious about some children at school. After a few session with Amanda she is able to manage her frustrations and not let the huge emotions she was struggling with overwhelm her. She still faces these problems but Amanda has given her coping strategies. We have a much happier young lady at home and her confidence has blossomed. As a teacher I know that anxiety plays a huge part in children’s self-confidence and their ability to negotiate what the world throws at them. We can’t thank Amanda enough and highly recommend her for work with young anxious children” Client’s mum Mrs B

Anxiety in children can be turned around positively….

My daughter had issues with anxiety and irrational fears (bees and wasps being one) these fears would lead to extreme reactions and crying. Amanda worked with her and in three sessions had equipped her with techniques to stop her reacting this way and help her work towards overcoming these fears herself. I had read extensively about this type of behaviour and tried really hard to help her myself. I feel having an independent person to talk to really worked. She has face timed Amanda for advice as well. The fact they used face time and Amanda made it fun where possible really resonated with her – if you have a child with anxiety book them in – we have a much happier little girl as a result ! Clients’ Mum Sue

So glad I could help ……

Just finished a 5 week session with amazing Amanda and feeling really good about life, work family etc. From the first session which , I went to, to learn how to cope with stress in all areas of life and deal with bereavement! From the start I felt relaxed with Amanda as she explained where she started from and immediately could tell how caring she is . I cried and laughed through these sessions and left feeling empowered as a woman a mother and a work colleague! I truly believe this CBT is essential for most of us in these times  where we are all under some sort of stress in our lives and thoroughly recommend Amanda in her role! Next is hypnotherapy!!!! Mrs. L CBT Life Coaching client


What a fantastic testimonial…..

What a fab review, thank you! I’m glad I could help….
“Amanda was professional and caring while she worked her magic on me.
I was a little dubious at first, the word hypnotherapy scared me, I just thought Paul McKenna, but it’s truly not like that. I felt so at ease while she worked on me.
Just one session and I’m still not wanting chocolate or biscuits.
I think Amanda is fab and would highly recommend her. Xxxxxx”  Sam

Hypnotherapy for weight loss

“Thank you Amanda for the fantastic research and advice you gave me for my 4 yr old son who was having terrible toilet anxiety. You gave me a much better understanding of what he is going through and how to deal with it. Fingers crossed it seems to be working perfectly..would definitely recommend you to my friends and family.”  Emma

A big fan of yours

“Everyone needs someone like Amanda at some point in their life! Her kindness, compassion, understanding and patience make her excellent at what she does.” Rachel

A big fan of yours