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Welcome to AJC Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).  I hope you will find this site useful as I will be putting on regular “tips of the day” and “coping strategies” to cover a whole manner of areas.

Mental Health is playing a big part in our every day life and thankfully it is not such a taboo subject.  Our lives are so faced paced, with so many mediums in which we run our lives, can we ever just get away from it all  This is where CBT comes in to its own folks! CBT can help you process what’s happening within your environment, by changing your environment you can change your behaviour.  It can be such a little measure that can make a big difference.

Hypnotherapy is fascinating and something I feel very passionate about.  I am not about to make you squawk like a chicken! What Hypnotherapy can do is change consciously how your brain deals with everyday life, at a subconscious level, helping with phobias, stress, depression, grief, pain and sports.

The one thing I pride myself in, is, getting to know my clients.  How they hear, think and feel about the world around them, that way I can decide the best course of therapy to fit you.

All treatments are conducted at my home, in a calm and safe environment.

It is really important that when you engage in these treatments and agree that you really want to make a difference to yourself and the environment/world you live in.  If you are not totally committed, results will be hard to achieve.

The world is there for the taking, lets start living! Call me or message me Amanda Clarke for a free telephone consultation.