Workshops and Presentations

Local Workshops

Workshops can be delivered locally for those wanting to learn more about Life Coaching, CBT and Hypnotherapy.

Workshops can work really well as it is an idea sharing process and talking.  Talking is so important to those who deal with stress, anxiety, depression, loss, grief, OCD, phobias, fears… name but a few.  You aren’t on your own and I can teach you as a group some coping strategies that will help you change those negative thoughts into positive ones.

It’s really important you make that first step, once you have things WILL fall in to place.  Life Coaching, CBT and Hypnotherapy is very powerful, is a science and works.


Professional Workshops

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Professional Workshops and Presentations:

Mental health needs to be addressed within the work place, and this is how I can help you.

As an employer, or someone with a position of leadership, how well do you know your staff?  Can you guarantee that your team is functioning well and that every individual is content and happy at work or at home? I bet the answer to this question is NO.

How does a team achieve results:

  • Great leadership
  • Achievable goals and targets
  • Training
  • Support
  • Motivation
  • Team work
  • Rewards and incentives
  • Being updated on successes and celebrating them
  • Comfortable environment
  • Happy work and home life = balance
  • Salaries and Bonus

You would think most of your staff would be driven by wage, but if you actually asked what do they want from their role, a good salary would not be top of their agenda, where as opportunity would be. Some of your team will want to know they have a future if they want it, and what measures are in place to secure their future with your company/department.

Some of your team maybe there to earn a wage and focus on outside the workplace, but these team members will perform very well if they feel like they are being cared for and have the right level of training and support.  These team members are often your most loyal and experienced, not wanting to move on.

What can I do for you……?

I can help you understand your team, recognise signs that not all is well, offer coping strategies and coaching techniques.

Building bespoke team building workshops and motivational presentations to get your team ready to perform, whether that is at ground level or a management team rolling out a new initiative.

Having worked with and for many blue chip companies in professional, managerial positions, I understand how important it is to have a functioning team, and how important it was to look after myself, as that manager.

Mental wellbeing is key to any successful company, and a company who cares about their workforce is a winning one, all ways round.

What you waiting for?


Life Coach and motivational speaker, CBT and Hypnotherapist