Christmas can be the loneliest time of year….let Cognitive Behaviour Therapy help you.

It’s less than two weeks to Christmas, the adverts are in full flow, I’m a Celeb and               X -Factor have finished….meaning that it’s drawing ever closer.

It’s a time of year that brings out the good, the bad, the ugly in all of us….have you ever felt lonely even if your are surrounded by people, highlighting what Christmas actually means to you, the memories and the feelings and emotions that’s raked up….That smell that transports you back to maybe happier or sorrowful times….this time of year evokes so many emotions it can be overwhelming – YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

There isn’t a law that dictates you must be filled with Seasonal Goodwill… are allowed to feel how YOU WANT TO and don’t fight it….accept your beef with Christmas and decide to move forward.

Make your own traditions….don’t follow what you have been taught but CHOOSE your own traditions, there isn’t a rule book here, you have to create your own happiness and NOT follow others…..even if it rocks a few boats on that turbulent Xmas Sea!!  It’s a time to recharge those batteries not looking at the New Year with dread but with optimism… that you are going to start writing your own story now.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy embraces change, POSITIVE CHANGE and moving forward.  Looking at your past as stitches in your great tapestry of life that has MADE YOU WHO YOU ARE TODAY……and that’s OK!  Impart your wisdom on your own life making those changes that can only put a smile on your face, break that unhappy mould.

When we embark on these changes it can get harder before it gets better…but when you have a goal in mind and the goal is to be happy, THIS has to be the biggest goal in your life…Surely?!

Loss and grief feature heavily at this time of year…by remembering your loved ones and looking back at those traditions you shared and most importantly, making new ones.  Teaching your children that what they experience at this time of year should be magical to them…the minute it doesn’t hold this magic, the traditions mould into something else, evolving into their world and life, NOTHING IS SET IN STONE.

Do something extraordinary this Christmas, your extraordinary is not going to be the same as someone else’s and that’s OK as we are all different….go out and break the mould, try something different that could make you and your loved ones happier.

If you want to start moving forward, look in your tool box and see what tools you already have and what you need to help you with your goal and start on that path, DON’T be afraid to talk…seek help, it’s there, this isn’t a sign of weakness but a person investing in themselves as a worthy commodity…..doors open when minds open and mind sets are positive……

We all have our stories, embrace them, reflect this Christmas and make new ones, that mould is not solid enough that it can’t be broken.

Love and warmth to you all.


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