Hypno Mum!

That’s what my kids call me at home, Hypno Mum!! But in all seriousness it’s something that is used within my parenting….my 16 year old is a little more reluctant to lie out and put time into it, but I can do it without her even noticing, by feeding messages to her when she is in a really relaxed state, repeating suggestions so they stick, this can be taught.

My 10 year old benefits greatly from it as she is a trampolinist and at competing level, so regular “Hypno – Mum” sessions occur, empowering her to do well in school and in sport.

Hypno – Parenting is big in America and parents pay hundreds of $ for hypnotherapists to work with their children, helping them with focus and empowerment, also with bed wetting, ADHD, anger, anxiety, sports, school life, sleep, seperation anxiety, pain, loss, friendships….. to mention a few.

I have worked with several children, especially when it comes to performance, coaching them to do better and want the best for themselves, also children that are struggling at school and really dread going, this can be turned around with Hypnotherapy.

The lucky thing is I don’t charge hundreds of $$$, and my sessions are very affordable and effective.

For more information about me “Hypno Mum!!” a.k.a Amanda, please contact me on 07920 840 230.

Love and Warmth


Hypno parenting

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