Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – work, rest and play…young and old, how it can work for you?

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is mainly talked about with regards to helping mental health and moving forward, throwing away negativity and looking life face on with the knowledge, do you know what, I’m OK…..

CBT can be with you for the rest of your life and can benefit those who are already driven, steering clear of the hurdles they face or just jumping faster and higher, smashing the competition as you have a gift and a knowledge…and that is CBT.

Let’s start with children, CBT is fabulous when working with children as it makes sense to them….Why do I want to think this way? When I can actually think this way…light bulb moments, as they haven’t learnt their cynical side yet, it maybe creeping in, but they recognise it as an unfriendly thought and dismiss it.

The use of CBT in schools can help with a whole manner of day to day tasks a child will face:

Friendship issues – does this friendship make me feel happy? No….ok, I no longer have to listen to them anymore, I want positive friends who make me feel good about myself….. easier said then done I hear parents/carers cry…watch the light bulb moment happen when I coach your children, all through talking and listening.

Learning challenges – helping a child to see where they need support, what sort of learner they are and to speak up when needing help (by listening to a child’s prospective of their learning can really help to find the correct learning styles to help them)….some children are frightened to ask for help for fear of being told off, but it’s really important that they learn that if they don’t understand something…that’s OK, and teachers and teaching staff will be able to explain in a way that they do understand.  And did you know grown up’s have to put their hand up too….

As a parent you can tell the class teacher that they have said they are frightened to put up their hand and why, so when they do pop their hand up, the experience is a positive one from the teaching staff, they can also encourage the child to ask for help.

Being Unique – I always do an impression of a robot when I see children for coaching sessions, I get mixed reviews and won’t be making my way to the next Star Wars movie, BUT it helps resonate with them how boring it would be if we were all the same, and being unique makes the world go round…..Steven Hawkins- he’s unique, Lady Ga Ga she’s unique…. embracing their uniqueness and empowering others.

Unique people are capable of this and just have to be taught the coping strategies needed to sell their talents.  Not made to feel the “odd one out” and not letting anyone make them feel that way.

As you get older throughout school life, things get a little more complicated…..relationships, learning, hormones….life in general can feel confusing at times….CBT at it’s most powerfulness…..

Is it a thought or a fact……? That simple sentence can help anyone through out life, but really powerful if learnt at a young age.

Thoughts overwhelm us at times and can stop us from living the way we deserve.  Teenagers are in a world of social media, being told how to look, what to wear, how they should be……this is not real and it’s teaching them to recognise that; you can not live up to these ideals and it’s exhausting trying to and….. you will fail……..Trying to compete with something that isn’t real…..

As with younger children, finding out who they are as a person is so important as to the path they take, embracing the positivity’s in their world, even if they can’t see them right now….

Stripping back and starting again, re building the wonderful person they are, always have been and will continue to be and grow –  by recognising that the stuff they thought was important doesn’t actually matter in the grand scale of things, the one thing that does matter in life…………..

I like and love myself…… this will bring you success in life.

How can you use CBT in work?

By really understanding what a person wants…

In a sales/customer service role:

Your customer….who are they?  What makes them tick?  What hobbies do they have? Family? Holidays?….build up a profile, ask the right questions, talk to them……..LISTEN, believe…..sell!  By turning a persons thought process around….. for example:

You want to sell  a car…..but the client on the forecourt is saying they don’t want one… that a thought or a fact?  At the moment that is a thought, but at what point does it become a fact?  I want you to think about that…..even if they walk away, has this turned into a fact or is it still a thought?  Are they or aren’t they going to buy?…….Even at this point it is still a thought…..because the fact is he/she owns a car and at some point he/she will replace it…’ve just got to convince him/her it’s now……why else would they be on your forecourt?  Listen to them and I mean really listen ” When you off to France?”,  “Are you driving?”  Hook!!  “You are….aaah that’s a long way important you are comfortable for that journey, fuel consumption is going to be important too, do you think that’s what had brought you here today?”…….belief and knowing what is a thought and what is a fact IS a winning combo to success.  It’s a huge motivator and something that can be taught in a little more depth… ….this gives you an insight and obviously doesn’t show the work that has gone into get them on to the forecourt and conversations that have taken place.  But belief will get you that sale.

This is a brief blog on CBT used in all different aspects of your life….if you want to discuss further, please do not hesitate to contact me on 07920 840 230.

Come along to the Health and Happiness Event on Sunday 1st October @ The Royal Beacon Hotel, Exmouth.

I have the following FREE coaching slots available on Sunday @ The Royal Beacon:

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Let me know if you would like one of these….we can then start your journey.

Love and Warmth,





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