Children and Young Adult’s Mental Health….Hugo Swire our local MP is listening!

I’ve just had a call from Hugo Swire’s office to say that he will contacting all the local schools in our area, to offer my services to deliver CBT workshops and a Suicide program I have developed to raise awareness.

There is help out there and I can help you learn what you need to do when you feel so desperate…..or what to do if you are family member, teacher, friend….of someone who is displaying signs that all is not well.

I HOPEFULLY!!!, will be delivering workshops on separation anxiety, feeling comfortable in your skin, depression, anxiety, eating disorders, transition, and teaching methods to help beat these conditions….for parents and children, all tools to put in your coping tool box.

If you are a teaching staff or support staff in a school, get your head teacher to check their email to see if they have an email from Sir Hugo Swire…..

I promise I will try everything in my power to help, and if I can’t,  I have a bank of professional therapists and counsellors who I can highly recommend.

Let’s start teaching our kids it’s OK to be different and think differently; and we all have a place in the world…. and that exams aren’t the be all and end all, there’s always alternatives…..they just need to have guidance to start their exciting journeys…. learn these skills now and take these skills and strategies through life.

Love and Warmth

#children #mental #health #suicide #awareness #coping #strategies #workshops #schools


07920 840230

childrens mental health



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