Lost Move Syndrome…don’t suffer in the sport you love.

I’ve blogged about this before, I’m dealing with several athletes who are suffering with this condition….it can bring their world down around them as they struggle through their sport, with this mental block, stopping them from performing how they should or not being able to perform at all…..devastating.

You often find the athletes that struggle with this have a fast functioning brain (top athletes such as Tom Daley had to seek help to combat this syndrome)….normally able to deal with the skill and technique that is required to perform at a very high level with their sport – a knock of confidence, something they could normally come back from, stays with them and it becomes deeper, deeper …self doubt sets in, a sense that are going to hurt themselves and lost move syndrome occurs…torturous.

This is where I come in!! I have developed a technique that is unusual but proving to be successful.  Ideally I like to see how my athletes perform whilst training, this isn’t always possible depending on where they live in the country, so videos can be sent where I dissect frame by frame.

We then start working…I drip feed little tasks to get their “head back in the game”, this involves, touch, feel, hearing, seeing and smelling exercises (yes smelling…powerful resource we have in our senses tool box that can convince the brain all is well…).  We then simply go back to the basics……imagine the athlete is performing on the TV, we rewind frame by frame, looking at every aspect of the movements that take place, undoing and reprogramming the brain.

A lot of talking takes place and physical work, along with hypnotherapy, that’s where I use a technique that I’ve created that jolts the brain into remembering what it should be doing not what it feels like doing!!  A training plan is created and coaches buy in to the plan to get their athlete back to the high performer they are and always have been.

Don’t loose yourself in this syndrome….I’m here waiting in the wings.  Let’s start working.  This can be done by skype.

Live the life you deserve.

Love and Warmth as always,


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