Never too late to find yourself……..

Society dictates on occasion how we should be:

Successful                                          The body                             The Car

Clothes                                               Image                                  The boat

The House                                         The hair                              The makeup

The kitchen                                       The nails                             The Invites

The well behaved kids                    The loving Family             Cool Friends

Holidays…….. I could go on…..

All this whilst keeping a stiff upper lip, not talking about our feelings……cloned………….

Well I say to hell with it….it’s taken me 43 years to realise that, but I refuse to remain on that wheel, I’m breaking free….

I’m striving for the life I want, I’m celebrating my children who aren’t perfect, but bloody good fun, a husband who at times drives me insane but makes me love him when he does those little things.  He doesn’t buy me Pandora bracelets, perfume, money to buy that dress/shoes/bag.  I used to wish he did and feel quite resentful at times, but I have  come to release how empty and hollow those acts actually are COMPARED to what HE actually does for me.  This is what he does for me, in exchange for those material items: cooks tea, buys me a bottle of wine without me asking, scrapes the ice off my car, fills my car up with fuel, tell me it’s going to be OK when I rant on!! It’s taken me 43 years to really  embrace this…..43years!!

Don’t get me wrong, I like nice things, but I don’t have to rely on anyone else to make that happen, and if I can’t have it, so bloody what and NOT to feel jealous of those that do, but feel happy if they are happy……or reach out if they are not.

But the pressure that society feeds us through social media, TV, tabloid….is it actually real?  Or this obsession of reality observation taking over? A money making exercise that’s all….this pressure on us makes people rich, simple.

So break the mould people……ask yourself what is important to you…..if it is that car…..go get it, but don’t loose yourself along the way……if family is important, the simple things…games night, a walk, a movie together, dinner at the table….talking.  If your job is important to you… it for the right reasons….do you hate it but the money is good?  You have to weigh up what’s going to give YOU the best life, money or happiness…..

Take the first step on the road to discovery today….book that exercise class you’ve always wanted to do, enrol on the course that offers a new life potentially, speak to that person you have always admired…you are good enough! Talk about your past, even if it was  damn right shit (sorry for swearing but that word sums up the past for some), talking is the best healer, from talking ideas blossom.

Breathe….one of the most important things on my journey was learning how to breathe properly….firstly I had to climb down off that wheel!! And breathe, letting go of my fears and embracing a new thought….excitement….what, if’s, maybes……but how blinking exciting.  You will only fail if you believe failure is an option, one bit of doubt and unfortunately things will not work out how you would wish….with each hurdle, jump higher, stronger, faster…..don’t let anyone tell you, YOU CAN’T DO THIS!!! Because YOU BLOODY WELL CAN!! With the right planning and TALKING….what can stop you.

Learn how to cry and show emotion rather than bottle, once the emotion has surfaced, greet it and let go…..breathe and move forward.

Remember I talked about doors in my  previous post, imagine your door now, what lies behind that door……………………………… and what’s stopping you?

Make the life you want and deserve and don’t be dictated to.  Find the real YOU xxxx

With much Love and Warmth


just breathe



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