What opportunities are behind your door….?

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a “thing” for doors, to me doors are magical……it’s whether you decide to open and step through into that magic…..

No I haven’t gone mad…yet! I’ve just spent a week in France, I had my camera at the ready and took lots of photos of old doors, with my 10 year old, we would come up with all different stories of what life a person had who lived behind that door, what adventures we could have if we stepped behind that door into a new world.  This is just story making BUT I am very much a believer that doors are a positive opening to a new journey……

For those who have experienced a Hypnotherapy session with me, a door features heavily when embarking on a journey or goal that needs to be achieved, I always ask my client to commit to their journey by knocking on their door and stepping through.

Through self hypnosis you can imagine your door….is it open or is it closed…I suggest if the door is open, maybe you have started your journey already but want to commit to further goals.  If your door is closed, don’t be afraid to open and in your minds eye, commit to your journey ahead….a new job, a sporting achievement, combating a phobia, dealing with grief, fighting anxiety and depression.  Your door is a positive step, it’s opening your mind to possibilities.

So just try it….close your eyes, breathe deeply in through your nose out through your mouth.  Scan your body, decide to let go of any tension you feel in your body, simply letting go.  Picture your door, is it wooden, is it old and ornate, is it modern? Feel excitement at the prospect of opening your door and stepping through, committing to your journey.  Knock three times on your door, open and step through…..feel warmth as you step through, as if the sun is touching your skin, feel safe, step forward and begin……..



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