Reiki has arrived at AJC…..

Look at this beaut (See Below)! Can’t wait to hang it on the wall of my new therapy room.

Lots happening at AJC, hence the name change, I am hoping to help treat not just your mind, but your body and soul/spirit too, so along with Reiki, I am introducing Aromatherapy massages.

CBT Hypnotherapy goes hand in hand with Reiki and Aromatherapy, as you are opening your mind to new beginnings and your body and mind will engage a therapeutic treatment, that works in harmony, opening up energy pathways and cleansing your body, getting rid of those toxins.

Life Coaching will still play a big part in my work, especially with Children, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy works wonders with children and helps them understand the world a little better, changing their behaviour, positively.

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching amongst athletes is proving a huge success at AJC, working with two young elite athletes, that are now starting to turn their challenges around, becoming more confident and thinking like a champion, this gives me such a huge amount of job satisfaction.  Hypnotherapy Coaching alongside CBT and NLP, really is a game changer for those wanting to achieve a sporting goal.

Hypnotherapy and Life Coaching for a big event – love working with people on this, my main area at the moment seems to be driving tests, lots of young people out there wanting to keep their costs down, not spending a fortune on endless lessons and re tests, but opening their world up by thinking positively about their test and what excitement awaits them.

I will keep you all posted, once certified and accredited in all my studies, introducing some lovely new therapies to AJC.

Love and Warmth


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photo of reiki certificate

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