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I have just worked with a lovely young lady, who is embarking on her driving test next week.  It was her second session to day and I asked her how she felt.

She said, she’d been sleeping better, due to the self hypnosis techniques I’d shown her, and she was breathing better, making her feel calm. The anchor had worked and when her confidence dipped she would touch her left arm with her right hand.

I’d anchored a touch of her arm with her right hand, every time she does this, her mind-set re focuses on what she’s trying to achieve, confidence and calmness surging through each time she touches her left arm with her right hand…..a lot of people probably think this is nonsense… but it isn’t, when you are in a state of hypnosis your mind will allow smells, touch, sounds through to support the feeling you want to achieve.  It’s clever stuff.

I’ve left my client in preparation mode, she will clean her car inside and out, ready to use.  She will book a celebration and pick a friend up in her car.  She will buy a magic tree and smell this before her test to reinforce that she will be in her car driving it later.  She will pick her first piece of music she will have playing when she drives her car for the first time.  She will book a road trip with her friends.  The money she will save on driving lessons!

If you have this mind set, how can you fail!?

To find out more, please contact me Amanda on 07920840230.

driving test

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