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We live in a fear-based world……..
So why are using our last five minutes of the day thinking about all the negative things that have happened to us?
As we dream our sub conscious mind is doing its work and by feeding and allowing those negative thoughts in, we are then accepting those thoughts and wake up feeling negative.

Let’s change that cycle, those last five minutes of your day don’t think negatively let’s not worry about the economy, of how you’ve been mistreated or anything that’s happened in your day to make it feel negative, let’s focus on the positive……. a smile, an act of kindness, a goal, a holiday, an experience……focus on these and your rest will be peaceful and your next day will be positive.

As you lie in bed, place your hands on your stomach, breathing in and out, raising your hands that are placed on your stomach (that means you are breathing correctly, if you can higher and lower your hands visibly). That time before you allow yourself to drift into the unconscious think of those pleasant things, a holiday coming up, a visit, a day out, or a happy memory from the past……
If you have something you want to achieve the next day, think about that task and how you are going to nail it, make sure this is an achievable goal, don’t set yourself up for a fail.

I work with lots of people who struggle to sleep, so this is just a suggestion you can practice. If you would like more advice please do ask….I work with children struggling to sleep too, through CBT coaching methods and Hypnotherapy.

I’d love to hear if this works for anybody so do please to comment below.

Amanda xxx

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