Coaching calls…I’m only a Phone or Skype call away to help you achieve. 07920840230

I would like to offer another service…..CBT Coaching telephone calls.  Where ever you are, if you need some guidance and you want to put yourself on the right path, I’m a phone or skype call away.  Fully qualified, accredited and Insured Life coach, specialising in CBT and Hypnotherapy.  Where ever you are in the world….I’m here ready to coach you.

The first thing is to set your intention for your session, or series of sessions, and I can support you with this.

  • I’ll then ask you questions about this, listen to what you say, and share what I intuitively see, hear and feel.
  • The session will flow in a way that’s perfect for you, and you will become aware of how to achieve what you want.
  • If you feel stuck during a session, simply pause, take some deep breaths, and be present with how you are feeling.

For 3 Telephone/Skype sessions £65 (PayPal or BACS)

For 6 Telephone/Skype sessions £120 (PayPal or BACS)

To find out more please contact me on 07920 840230

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