Lost Move Syndrome…..don’t give up your sport…. I can help!!

I have just worked with one of GB’s hopefuls on the above condition “Lost Move Syndrome”.  This is a very common condition that effects elite athletes, especially in Gymnastics, Trampolining and Diving……also in cricket, it can be so debilitating, if a bowler is suffering from this, they can not release the ball at the point they need to….. their brain simply stops them.  They don’t forget what they need to do, a muscle memory that they have created overrides the move they are trying to achieve.

This can make many of our talented athletes turn their back on their beloved sport.  The anguish they feel at not being able to undo this muscle memory.  In trampolining, it could be that you are trying to achieve a fronted tuck somersault, fairly straight forward move.  If they have been working on a lot of twisting elements within their training, the muscle memory overrides the somersault, so they end up twisting within their somersaults (birani), no matter how hard they try, the cannot break this cycle, sending the athlete into a pit of despair…..at this point they need to seek help or they simply give up their once beloved sport .

Through cognitive hypnosis, the brain can undo this muscle memory, using practical exercises that reinforce the messages delivered into the subconscious brain.  Starting back to basics and building that skill back up, reaffirming every session that they have developed the correct muscle memory, practising that skill 3 x each session then linking that skill to the back of another skill, reinforcing the correct technique.  It can and does work and has proven to work on those athletes that have sought help.

Let me help you if you are suffering from this, we can do it!!!….and I will continue to help the talented elite trampolinest get to GB selection next September…we’ve got this Honey!







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