Two chilling words….BED TIME….does your child scream at the mention….?

See this clip from Supernanny….does this ring true in your house?

Let me help you put some order and routine into your bed times.  The more tired you are the less you are able to think rationally and make the right decisions about their bed time routines, often giving in and just doing whatever it takes to get through the night, .  It doesn’t have to be that way….you all deserve a good nights sleep.

With a little bit of a pain (no more than what you are used to) we can start changing habits and look at the route cause of the stress at bed/night times.  Giving you all a restful nights sleep and starting your day off with a smile rather than a tired grimace!!


My sleep programme includes:

  • Initial Consultation via telephone or skype
  • Observation from early evening to bedtime on first night.  No interaction from me just there to observe
  • Plan of action and implementing strategies on second night (coming up with rewards and consequence’s that will be affective)
  • Left on 3rd night to continue implementing
  • Review following morning, tweaking plan where needed.
  • I will remain on hand for advice and to support you.


Fully qualified, insured and accredited Therapist with a vast of experience working with children.  Call 07920 840230 or message me, Amanda Jayne Clarke.

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