A fantastic CV is Vital to a successful career…..


Thursday 13th July

17:30pm – 19:30pm

104 Hulham Road, Exmouth

£20 per person


Let me teach you how to write a profile that will stop an employer in their tracks……don’t be one of the many CV’s on the desk they flick through, engage them!

A professional CV is a vital tool in your professional tool box, without a well written CV you will fall at the first hurdle, never getting to that interview stage.

We can create a CV that is worthy of you and get your foot through that door…..

But….what about the interview… I will make sure that you walk tall, oozing confidence and self assurance.  Who knows you better than you…YOU! So with the skills and experience you have already gained (trust me you will have built up these things without even knowing it, yes even at 16!!) you will blow them away with your articulate answers listening to the questions they are asking you.  Listening is key….so many people don’t actually listen to what is being asked of them as the nerves kick in.  We can control those nerves and turn them into positive energy.


Whether you are a school leaver applying for that dream apprenticeship job, an A – Level/University student stepping out into the job market, someone wanting that dream job or needs a change in direction, or maybe have been out of the game for a while….this workshop is for you!

You are a valuable product we need to sell…..let’s make sure you fly off the shelf!!

Contact me, Amanda Jayne Clarke

07920 840 230


Email: ajclifecoach@btinternet.com

JOB workshop

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