More therapies coming to AJC Life Coaching…

Exciting stuff happening at AJC!!  Causing a big dent into the bank balance I can tell you haha!

When I am with a Hypnotherapy client, I always want to know how their experience was, anything the notice….resounding answer is colours!! So I have been studying colour therapy, watch this space….

I some times have to touch a client, on their forehead, their arm, wrist or hand or their leg, to anchor a command (when the client leaves, by touching that part of their body the feeling and suggestions come flooding back, clever stuff).  When I do this they say they feel a tremendous energy flow, so I am now studying the art of energy flow through the body, also known as Reiki.

I am still studying a Mastery Hypnotherapy course and a Mastery Neuro Linguistic Programming course, so rest assured, anyone who comes to me for treatment, I will be fully qualified and accredited offering the right course of treatment to suit you, as every body is different, which is a good thing!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me!


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