Walking with Hope….this Sunday 25th June 10:30am

Dear All,

Walking with Hope this Sunday, meeting from Orcombe point, below zig zag steps at 10:30am, this is a flat walk so buggy friendly.  The walk ends at Bumble and Bee.

There will be counsellors and therapists on hand to talk to, to find out more about what therapies are available and how they may be able to help you.

We are there to talk to you, please do make yourself known if you are feeling particularly vulnerable on the day, so we can give you support on the walk.

As this is a volunteering walk, we want to look after you as best we can,  you do need to make yourself known to us that you require immediate help, we will be there to talk to everyone and try to bring some fun and laughter into the walk as well.

As I am the organiser, I unfortunately can not take responsibility for everyone, so if you do want to join us, I will try my best to make sure that everyone is together, but if you do happen to walk on ahead or fall behind, and are with somebody talking, whether that be a therapist or a member of the walk, I will assume you are OK, unless notified otherwise.

Be great to see you!!



2 thoughts on “Walking with Hope….this Sunday 25th June 10:30am”

  1. Thank you, I will get cab there and do a slow walk back as due to ME/fibro I can’t walk very fast. Looking forward to meeting everyone


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