Don’t feel ashamed about anti-depressants…..

Morning All,

I see a lot of clients that are really torn about taking anti-depressants.  In many cases, there is a reduction in the amount of certain neurotransmitters found (monoamines such as serotonin and norepinephrine) in depressed people. This is when the best option is to be prescribed anti-depressants to try and re balance these chemicals.

Did you know that Depression is caused by over stimulation of the brain?  So it goes into overload and struggles to cope with the thoughts and feelings we are displaying, this over stimulation is driven by life, for example:

  • Family Break up
  • Loss/Grief
  • Illness
  • Job loss
  • Big changes

To name but a few, so the brain goes into “Overload” which reduces the chemicals in the brain that create endorphins, which makes us feel happy.

So, we can control Depression by changing the “Overload”, which should then help to create the chemicals that we are lacking.

In fact, several studies have shown that some forms of therapy such as, CBT, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, and interpersonal therapy can decrease the rates of relapse to depression even after therapy is stopped. This doesn’t happen with just medication. With medication, relapse prevention only lasts as long as the medication is taken. Thus, in order to prevent future episodes of depression, a person may need to stay on medication indefinitely, if they don’t seek additional therapeutic treatment.

So don’t feel guilty if your Doctor has prescribed you with anti-depressants, hopefully these will help you become pro-active about your mental health and make changes to your life, that can help you start to feel happy again.

Live the life you deserve…….

Amanda xxx

Please contact me to find out more.

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