Hypnotherapy to Empower Children and teens….

Did you know that Children can benefit tremendously from Hypnotherapy.

In most children, the imagination of a child is very vivid and strong. It is only the interference of well-meaning adults that the child’s imagination soon gives way to believing only what one can see and touch.

How Hypnotherapy works when using on children:

Find the Problem  –  Establish a new Behaviour   – Make new behaviour automatic

Hypnotherapy can also work on building confidence, social skills, and help find their place in the world.

I use Hypnotherapy to empower children with sport, this helps when a barrier has appeared with regards to training or learning a new skill.  Through hypnosis you can plant messages within the subconscious mind to re associate that thought, giving them a winning, positive, mental attitude.

Is your children finding it hard to cope with Exams? Through Hypnotherapy, feeding the positive messages to their subconscious mind can stop those unwanted and unhelpful thoughts by turning them around and using their nerves positively.

Hypnotherapy is used to treat the following, in relation to challenges that children face:

Please contact me for more information.


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