Sports and it’s benefits, from two professional coaches…..

Today has been amazing, working with the most talented kids who hopefully have a really Positive Attitude to lead them on through their sport and life.  I’m lucky enough to be able to continue working with these children on sports motivation on a 1:1 basis and in more workshops.

It was fabulous working with two highly professional sports coaches, Zac Bess, used to coach Strength and Conditioning to Somerset Cricket Club,  and he has just come back from coaching women’s Australian Rugby, he came to today to work with the children from Exeter Trampoline Academy on their strength and conditioning.

Then there is Polly Johns, owner of Exeter Trampoline Academy, Polly has been trampolining for over 15 years and has had a very successful competitive career within this sport.  She is totally driven and focused into making stars of the future and getting children in to fun sport.

Here’s an interview with them both, I feel like a hobbit from Lord of the Rings next to these beautiful people, but I’m sucking it up and uploading this video!!!

….it’s not about me, it’s a message to you parents and kids…..Sport is great!


1 thought on “Sports and it’s benefits, from two professional coaches…..”

  1. It was such a fantastic day! The ETA kids really benefited from learning about different areas of sport. The physical and mental aspects are very important to improving performance in every sport as well as other areas in life – thanks for the positive mental attitude workshop, very empowering!


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