You lucky people of Exmouth!

What a fab day I have had!  I worked with Alison at Pete’s Dragons this morning, absolutely love working there, they are such a fantastic charity and help so many families dealing with loss.  I always leave feeling hopeful and peaceful.

I then went to the Namaste Well-BE-ing centre in Belvedere Road, it was sooooo busy!! There were clients queueing up to take advantage of the wonderful therapies and treatments on offer.

What did make me feel all warm an fluffy inside, was the therapists that had gone along to support them, so I took a picture of us. In this photo you have hypnotherapists, life coaches, angelic reiki therapist, kinetic shift coach, mindfulness coach, Neuro Linguistic Programmers (NLP), aroma therapist, reflexologist…..and this is all available to you in our community.

We are coming together to share the powerfulness of our therapies and promote the benefits of engaging in these therapies….. it’s there for you Exmouth and we are waiting to help. #businessconnecting #businesssharing #mentalhealth #wellbeing #therapy #hypno4swans #namastewellbeingcentre


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