An act of Kindness is so Empowering

Sometimes the world just seems an unfriendly and difficult place to be.  I feel days like that too, especially after the events from Monday.  One massive message that has been delivered to the rest of the world is acts of kindness from the people of the UK following Mondays’ atrocity.  Even famous people donating money to the families that have been left behind, no replacement for their loss, but money towards the funerals they deserve.

I set you all a challenge for this bank holiday weekend, show acts of kindness, even when tested to the limit, I am very much a believer of “what goes around, comes around” and if you try to be a good person, then you exude friendliness, drawing kindness back to yourself from others.

Kindness comes in so many forms, just a simple good morning and a smile may make somebodies day, offering of help, volunteering, asking if someone is OK? Meeting someone who’s having a tough time….simple things, and this will make you feel empowered, as the act of kindness is such a powerful one.

Lots of love and kindness to all.

Amanda xx

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