Walking and Reflecting

I had a client come to see me the other day, I’ve asked her permission to use our conversation as  a talking point today, and her response was a resounding “Absolutely as walking is helping me so much, I want you to get others out walking.”

Sometimes it’s really hard to make yourself do something, when our mood is low. Everything feels 100 times harder, but this is when you have to fight back and tell these unwanted thoughts and feelings, in a nutshell, to DO ONE!

Easier said then done I hear you all cry, and yes I see where you are coming from, but bear with me.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not showered or can’t be bothered to make yourself presentable, the walk that’s waiting for you, doesn’t care what you look like, I you want to say to yourself, “I’m doing this for me, nobody else.” So pop those comfy trackies on and some sensible shoes and step out your door.

I want you to see, feel and hear your walk.  What can you smell? What thoughts does that entice?My client said she walked into town and she could smell pasties as they’d just been making them at the bakery, she told me she allowed herself to go back to a memory of a holiday in St.Ives when her children were young, sat munching on warm pasties over looking the Marina. …She said that was a good day.

I asked her what she could hear, she said Life.  I asked her how that made her feel, she said a little bit alone.  I responded with, you were living with these people experiencing “Life” also, she said she hadn’t thought of it like that.  I told her that there were probably people walking past her in the street that was feeling just like she was feeling when she got up that morning…. worried, anxious, alone…but they were living, just like you. I could see that this really touched her as she was re living her walk.

I asked her what she could see, she responded with busyness, cars, talking, children…. but when she reached the sea front, and she really looked (as I had told her I would be asking her these questions at our next session), she said beauty, wonderful colours, boats, icecreams, young children playing…….I could really see her change and become more animated when talking to me about what she’d seen, she talked non stop for about 10 mins, it was then I realised my client felt things visually, this was important to her.  She automatically went on to how this made her feel without me asking her, then the lightbulb moment happened for her, just from a walk, she said to me “This haze I live in has stopped me from seeing.”

Bingo!  She then knew she was ready to tackle what was stopping her from Living.

I want you all to experience every thing around you, feel, taste, hear, see, touch (birds are incredibly therapeutic….unless they are seagulls!! sorry to those Seagull lovers lol!)

Take a friend, a partner, relative….. get them to do the same, or go on your own, “you time”, it’s very indulgent when you really take the time to LIVE.

Throw those negative thoughts away, and enjoy being a part of the beauty that surrounds you.

When you get back from your walk, write down EVERYTHING you experienced Then write down what thoughts you had before engaging on that walk, I bet those thoughts did not become reality.  Thoughts are NOT FACTS.

Right…..now plan your next walk.  I’ll be the one chasing after my nutty border terriers….that would definitely give you a feeling….Laughter!!!!

Amanda xxxx

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