Walking with Hope….this coming Sunday!


Dear All,

Our first walk this Sunday!!  10.30 am Fox Holes Hill Car Park, beach huts nearest cliff path.

Looking at the weather forecast, it looks Sunny but cloudy. But we know how quickly things can change, so I will look at the forecast on Saturday.

Here’s who I have invited to this Sunday’s walk.

Firstly there’s me:
Amanda Clarke, I am a life Coach specialising in CBT, Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness.
I have also completed ASIST – Suicide First Aid, Suicide prevention.

Peter Coppin – Harris who is a therapeutic Counsellor and also is trained in ASIST Suicide First Aid

Jason Heath PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) specialist and also trained in ASIST – Suicide First Aid

Kate Skinner – Food Nutritionist

I aim to bring different care givers and therapists for each walk. Having options may lead you to start a different therapy that you haven’t tried.

I have been asked about bringing dogs, I have two dogs, so would be happy for dogs to come, ASLONG AS nobody fears dogs being around, please PM me if you DO NOT want dogs to attend.  My dogs tend to run off the lead, but will need to ask the question of everyone who is attending if that is OK.

Please wear sturdy shoes, bring water to drink en-route, there are toilets in the car park at fox hole hill car park.  Layering is key, wear light weight clothing, best to take layers off than not have enough and get cold, I always pack a light weight mac.  If you aren’t used to walking maybe pack a banana to boost that energy.

We are walking to Sandy Bay café, looking over the seafront, please arrange for lifts from here if you don’t want to walk back.  Also those who can’t walk can meet us there for a cup of tea and slice of Cake!!  Kate Skinner will allow us I’m sure!!!

Talking is the way forward, and the help is out there for you.

Please do look at my website for more information www.ajclifecoaching.com

Lots of Love
Amanda xx


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