Do you know what apps your children are using?

It’s time to check folks!

I live in a sleepy town in Devon and it has been brought to my attention an unsafe app that a lot of children are playing here, so chances are your children are playing it where ever you are. It’s called ROBLOX, you can interact with others in virtual rooms, but who knows who these “others” are?

Another Mum has spoken to me about cyber bullying, class mates targeting children when ever they post something, they are being bullied in their own home, their safe place! This has to stop!!

  • Age allowed to use Facebook = 13yrs
  • Instagram = 13yrs
  • Snapchat = 13yrs
  • Twitter = 13yrs

To name but a few everyday apps, children under the age are at risk, children the age of 13 are at risk too, but the requirement is to be 13. If they are 13 they need to still be parented on this.

If they have phones, iPads, Phones, iPods, laptops…..check what they are on, check their conversations.  DO NOT as parents set up pages for your under age children, you are opening the door to bad people and bullying behaviour.

Let’s protect our children for as long as possible.  Please do not hesitate to contact me for advice on this subject. I have developed workshops on this very subject and happy to deliver.


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