Helping our teens and 11year olds with Exams.

Exam time is fast approaching with SATS, GCSE’s and A-Levels.  It’s a really important time for our children to eat the right foods in order to perform well.

Please click on the link below, this page is provided by BBC good food and dedicated to feeding our children the correct foods and keeping them hydrated:

Sleep is also very important, getting into a bed time routine will really help them cope with the days and weeks ahead, that is something I can help your child with, developing the right routine to fit in with family life and study.

It’s also really important that our children have “balance”, they can’t study all day every day, it is important that they see their friends, take the dog for a walk, keep up with their hobbies (within reason), take part in family gatherings, work (my daughter takes her books with her for those quiet moments, when she hasn’t got a queue of holiday makers wanting ice cream!).

Mental Health will also be an issue for them, there will be fallings out with family and their friends as they are all trying to deal with the heavy weight of exams.  I can help your children process this challenging time and think positively, thinking too much can bring on negative thoughts, so if they are studying in the correct environment their behaviour will adjust to that environment making it easier for them to study, there is a science behind this, which I can explain to those who are interested.

I am here to help, as always.

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