Mental Health in Schools

The government are going to invest £1.4billion towards mental health within schools.

Teachers are overwhelmed by the workload and demands put upon them, which ultimately filters down to the pupils; who are being taught what a subordinate clause is in year 2! Who cares, as long as they write beautiful stories and their grammar makes sense and their spelling is good?! But the reality is that teachers are having to teach such things and are targeted against them.

I have created workshops for children to instil confidence within school and in their social lives.

I have created workshops for teachers to “get things off their chest” and move forward, making the best out of a bad situation, but maintaining a good work life balance. That balance is not there for teachers and I know how exhausted they are after each term and, have hours of preparation to do in their holidays.  Let me help you make sense of it all.

For more information, please contact me on 07920 840230

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